Artist and Ethnographer


Site-specific and research based, Elise's projects investigate spatial expressions of ideologies of water and sanitation. The hidden arrangement of water pipes as hidden influence wager usage, and the control demonstrates the way we view and relate to "nature" within the "city."  The control of knowledge of these systems exemplifies the commodification of resources of water. The maps, access to and imaging of the infrastructure is restricted to companies that operate facilities and governmental entities and agencies. The systems of drainage, sewage, drinking water, electricl, etc is mapped subterranean panopticon. out of site and out of mind this creates a disconnect between the source of the warer, the site of production and ourselves, the site of consumption. tThe illusion of endless This power relationship is manifested in the exclusive access to   knowledge and Subterranean infrastructure in the front yard of Fisterra Studio is exposed like arteries of a body prepared for surgery while the video inside juxtaposes water usage in rural and urban environments.

Using archeological visual and scientific classification of our environment because archeological

Trend now is of  environmental awareness and "nature" as a crisis, as Maria Kaika would say in The City of Flows. Beautification - performances of gender, race and privilege in Austin. What is hidden in Waller Creek, Enlightenment view of the "nature", "wild" and progress at Laguna Gloria. Emphasizing the hidden, 

Elise Sibley Chandler is concerned with answering the question; how does our phenomenological experience of networks like pipes influence water consumption?

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